Sunday, 28 August 2011

K and Thomas Bjørn save the day

T is utterly depressed after Sunday's football results and has lost the will to live and almost the will to drink and eat. Luckily golf results help him recover slightly so that we are able to get dinner even if it is late. (It took T a long time to recover).

We have a primo of ravioli with white truffles (as we have had before) and to go with this a glass of Arneis from Piemonte.

The secondo is a Saltimbocca with zucchini and carrots.

When you make a saltimbocca it is important to have a strong hand nearby. It also helps if the strong hand is a bit aggressive from for instance sport results.
Pound the meat thin. Put a leave of fresh sage and a slice of prosciutto on each piece. Fold.
A mix of butter and good olive oil on the pan, fry the meat until light brown, add marsala. Let simmer down.

Steam carrots and zucchini with lemon zest. Add a bit of your best olive oil and a bit of basil.

Finally a salad of romaine and radicchio with oil and balsamico.


To this we drink a bottle Nebbiolo d'Alba 2006 from Bruno Giacosa.

After this T is ready for bed and no longer suicidal.

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