Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Kiin Kiin

Wonderful dinner with friends however it did not seem right to take pictures.

We started out with snacks of various sorts in the lounge. Particularly the tuna tartar was excellent. We had a glass of Champagne with the snacks

We were then shown to our table on the first floor.

We started out with the fish soup which was also excellent. Like all the dishes it was just a little bit strong from chilli, but not so that the flavours were drowned and similarly was not drowning the flavours of the accompanying wine. The crayfish dumpling was good, but the company seemed to take most pleasure in the small bread with minced chicken meat and sesame seeds.
With this we had a glass of Grüner Veltliner, which like all the wines of the menu was served in a glass without a stalk. It looked nice, but still prefer the traditional wine glass. The Veltliner was nice and with some acidity but didn't show itself until the food came. A very nice match.

At this point we had a Meursault too. It felt safer.

The Riesling was poured to accompany the next dish, spicy salad with orchids and pomelo with grilled mullet.

After that we got the Zind Humbrecht Gewurtztraminer. First the red curry and scallops. The curry and scallops was delightful, but the traminer not a great match. After that, and still with the Gewürtztraminer, a small serving of sweetbread rolled in flour or grain of some sort and herbs and served with salad, a better match to the traminer. At this point part of the company had revolted due to lack of red wine. The Ornellaia had been decanted early, but it was still too young for some. It was very young and tannined but rich. Will be excellent when it grows up. The nice Sommelier and also the owner regretted the mistake (not theirs, if you ask T) and offered some Pomerol instead. T recalls tasting it, but it was out of place and unfortunately not enough to appease those thirsting for full-bodied red wine. Also a double magnum Allegrini Amarone was considered by part of the party, but finally abandoned for the Pomerol.

The last of the salty dishes was the tom ka soup with chanterelles and chicken. mmmmm. With that the pinot noir paired with the Ornellaia which again was paired with the Pomerol.... what a match .... 

The desserts were equally well tasting and probably paired with a nice sweet wine. K seems to recall a small bottle but by this time K's memory is a little flaky and T can offer no assistance whatsoever.

Sorry about the lack of details, but the presentation of the wines were drowned by the outbursts from experts in the company.

Kiin Kiin is an absolute top restaurant in Copenhagen and they demonstrated this again tonight, however under circumstances that were a bit more challenging. Our company was fond of wine and you could tell, maybe we couldn't at some point. All the while we were treated cordially. So many thanks to Kiin Kiin. We will return and promise to be less inebriated next time.

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