Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A bit hung over

After the excesses at Kiin Kiin the night called for something to redress the damage. Still, only being mildly hung over meant that burgers could under no circumstances enter the frame, so we settled for a spicy pasta dish. Maybe a bit overkill, but it also felt like some Barolo.

The sugo was made by first making the Battuto (or Soffreto) from garlic, onion, carrot, chilli and celery. After that two Italian sausages were set free, i.e. the meat was taken out of the skin and fried with the Battuto. Add to that some white wine and the last of the chicken stock from the other day, cook down and finally chop the contents of a can of sweet san marzano tomatoes and let it simmer until it is nicely concentrated.
Toss the penne pasta in the pan and stir and sprinkle with parmesan and some fresh herbs of choice. This time it was basil, marjoram, thyme and a touch of lovage.

Mildly-hung-over-pasta 9/10
The Manzone Barolo from 1996 7,8/10
Wine food/matching 7/10

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