Tuesday, 30 August 2011


One of our favourite passtimes is playing Carcasonne. It is not without a certain danger that we do this as the competitive spirit is fierce and tempers flare. We managed the extended, extended, extended version without any serious incidents. We have now bought so many extensions to the original board game that we have lost track of how many there are and often we have to re-read the rules in order to remember what each extension introduces.
Despite our gaming we managed to get some very nice things to eat.
One small incident meant that game play was suspended while we considered how to resolve the matter of the placing of an illegal tile. During the suspension we made some bruschetta:

Four bruschetta for two persons:
Take approximately 150g tomatoes (we prefer San Marzano) de-seed and cut into cubes
Mix in a bowl with one clove of chopped garlic, Salt, some good olive oil and chopped fresh basil.

Let it settle a little while toasting 4 pieces of bread. Take another clove of garlic and cut it in half and rub the toasted bread with the garlic.

Distribute the tomatoes on the toasts and serve.
Today we drank the rest of the Te Muna 2008 with the bruschetta and that worked ok (7/10).

After this small antipasta we played the game to an end and then prepared for our main course: Grilled cod with lentils.

To make the lentils we fried one shallot and 75g of Pancetta. The lentils were then added together with some of the chicken stock from our Golf dinner and a little white wine and some water to cover the lentils. Cook for 30 minutes.
In the meantime we took four small pieces of cod and put in the oven together with some lemon and a bit of olive oil and grilled for 4 minutes.

On top of this a small confit of tomatoes and balsamicco to add a little sweetness.
Actually we also tried to to fry some scallops with roe and add them to the dish, but the roe was very much out of place and even though we had removed it first the taste was still there and in the end we actually just picked them off again. And anyway the conclusion must be that frozen scallops are not to be compared to the fresh ones. And never to buy the ones with roe again!

Without the roe-tasting scallops the meal was delicious (8,8/10). With it we drank a bottle of Bourgogne 2009 from Henri Boillot. The fridge was too cold and T did not take it out early enough and therefore it was too cold in the beginning. That did not prevent it from tasting excellent and the last glass that had a better temperature was 8,2/10) Together with the cod we rated it 8,8/10).

Since we already had started drinking leftovers we also had to have some french blue cheese – President Le Bleu – and also some Epoisses together with the last drops of a half-bottle of Sauternes (6/10) that we opened on our Golf-dinner, but cannot remember more about

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