Friday, 5 August 2011

The Bearnaise Challenge

Alas, we do not comment on meals by friends, and we will not, except to state the unacceptable truth: K cannot get the sauce bearnaise right.... This time it never thickened.
The one thing K was asked to help with – at an otherwise great setup – and she failed.

T was given the less challenging task of picking tomatoes, which he still seemed to have problems solving.

Expect a lot more Bearnaise on these pages in the future – until we get it right. And eventually also a long line of low fat meals ....

Even if we do not rate meals when we are invited as guests, let us suffice to say that it was excellent and the wine that we brought ourselves was:
A bottle of Meursault (8/10) which we enjoyed with K's Aioli and with the dinner we drank a Casalferro 2001 from Ricasoli (8,5/10) and a Stonewell 2004 Shiraz from Lehmann (8/10)

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