Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Wednesday

Tzatziki with mint
Carrots with cilantro and goat cheese
Marocco-inspired lamb
sesame salt
Lamb (500 gr) cut in cubes, rubbed in this mix: coriander, curry, cumin, lemon zest, ginger, chili. Spices all roasted on a pan (not zest nor ginger) and pasted in the mortar.
Brown 2 carrots, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 stalk of celery, 2 shallots, thyme, oregano on pan.
Put in ovenproof dish with lid.
Brown meat, add lemon juice from 1.5 lemon. One can of tomatoes, a bit of soy, a handful or two of cooked chickpeas, a bit of honey if the tomatoes are not sweet enough. S/P. Add to the vegetables.
Put lid on and place the dish in the oven, app 180 C, for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile not far from there.....

For K's birthday in January Fine and Betty gave her a great gift: An indispensable tool – the mandolin.
And on this night it was used for both the Tzatziki and the carrots.

Tzatziki: one cucumber, seeds removed, cut in julienne on the mandolin, mixed with drained yoghurt, two cloves of garlic, mint from the terrace, a splash of wine vinegar S/P

Carrots cut in julienne, mixed with olive oil, lemon, a drop of honey, goat cheese (feta), cilantro (fresh coriander) S/P.

Hummus: Cooked a big bowl of chickpeas, to use the coming days, but most of it went in the hummus. There is no such thing as too much hummus. For K's hummus see Picnic in July.

Finally a bit of sesame salt. Roast sesame seeds until popping. Let cool. Mix with salt in the mortar until lightly crushed.

To this Two Hands Shiraz Max's Garden 2006.

Not bad for a Wednesday

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