Saturday, 6 August 2011

NPG Festival

Saturday we went to 10øren which was the scene of Prince's NPG festival (New Power Generation). Initially this was to be a Prince concert, but it was turned into a festival with more than one artist that we would (and have) seen separately in concert.

PRINCE (Support: Larry Graham) (On stage 21.00)
CHAKA KHAN (On stage 19.00)
RAPHAEL SAADIQ (On stage 17.20)
PALOMA FAITH (On stage 15.40)
NIKKA COSTA (On stage 14.00)

His Purpleness.

After a long day with lots of excellent performances and superb music the day ended rather abruptly when the sky opened, rain poured and lightening boomed – not the purple kind – and the concert was cut short after ca 90 min. Larry Graham only played for a very short while. But what 90 minutes! Gold, Not like I love my guitar, cover numbers, Let's work from Controversy amo.... And before the real rain it actually rained purple silk.

Ms Chaka Khan
The great Raphael Saadiq. Even better than the concert in Vega not too long ago. He is absolutely, fundamentally great!
Festival food and beer (1,5/10). Frankfurter  sausages. Too late we discovered the Gourmet sausage offering, which was two sausages (one chorizo type and one with Thyme, I think)

Festival dinner, Durum roll (1,5/10) and still water. (Three beers in one day means that T has had enough of beer for months to come)

Music 10/10
drink 2/10
food 3/10
all'n all 12/10

Finally home, soaked from head to toe, ready for a snack; Vesterhavsost (Danish regional cheese) and a Two Hand Shiraz, Max's Garden 2006. Ahhhhhhhh

The Vesterhavsost, we had at AOC about a year ago (another great CPH restaurant). They served it grated, blended with olive oil and white summer truffles and toasted rugbrød (pumpernickel) and served a glass of sherry. It was sooo good that T actually ordered a second serving for the table.

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