Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lemon Chicken

MK's eating habits are still evolving. Like many other kids we know, she will put all kinds of things on her plate and then end up eating next to nothing. Not because she doesn't like the food, but her appetite is just not that big. While she needs to learn not to take more than she can eat, T still envies the other side of it and that is to stop when you are no longer hungry. Since that is not the case, he has to be careful about his diet with Christmas and everything coming up. In the meantime, MK's favorite dinner is still a buffet.
Tonight, MK has dined at a friend's but she routinely asks if we have eaten and since we haven't, what's for dinner. When she hears that we are cooking K's famous lemon chicken she decides that she will have dinner once more.
The chicken is cut into eight pieces and placed in a dish on top of pieces of red beet and parsnip,  garlic and herbs - in this case parsley and thyme, s/p. MK did not want us to put wine in the dish, despite assurances that she would not be able to taste it. So, K tried something new and added some apple juice for sweetness and acidity. This was very successful with the root crops. Finally pieces of lemon cut into eights. This was the put into the oven at 180 degrees for an hour. Occasional dripping of the juice from the bottom of the dish to keep the chicken juicy - and it was.
Furthermore to add some vegetables we took half a butternut squash and cut it into cubes. This was fried in a little bit of olive oil on a hot pan and sprinkled with flakes of salt.
And then, of course, some green salad.
From the outset we were aiming at Sangiovese (naturally), but then opinions differed. T suggested an Il Grigio (Chianti Classico Riserva), but K felt it should be something without the barrel aging and so we went for a bottle of Riecine 2008 Chianti Classico. And we filed that under a success for K's position. So, coming to the ratings we make the dish 8/10, the wine 7,5/10 and together 8/10.

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