Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Big Fish

Looking at this blog reveals some statistics about our eating habits and we are sad to say, but the label fish is not too frequent. To remedy this and to celebrate the fact that T has bought a new car (out of dire need) T purchases a whole turbot at Metro. Bringing home such a big fish, T almost feels like a successful angler returning home to present his catch. We immediately start looking into various literature for inspiration. K finds Br√łndums fiskekogebog, which is clearly recommended not least for its  humor. K re-reads the following definitions: Revenge: Preparing a meal for your adversary which he or she cannot possibly surpass. Or how about: Calmness: Knowing that you have sufficient dry white wine.
After some research we set out to bake the turbot in the oven on a layer of chopped parsnip, sweet potatoes, leeks and fennel. Furthermore we take half a celeriac and make 10 thin round pieces that we fry on a pan and let simmer in some chicken stock for 10-12 minutes. The remaining celeriac is cut into cubes and together with the cut-offs we boil this in 2 parts chicken stock, 1 part milk and 1 part cream. When tender the celeriac cubes are blended with a little of the cooking liquids and finally some truffle oil is added.
In the meantime the turbot is baked in the oven fo 35-45 minutes at 160°C degrees while the fish is being frequently dripped with melted butter. As it says in Br√łndums fiskekogebog "your hand should be as baked as the turbot".
Evaluating the meal we find it all delicious, but we are not quite satisfied. The truffled celery puree looked appealing, but accompanying the rest of the dish was not optimal. The celeriac prepared on the side and the root crops were very good as was the turbot, but it did lack a little acidity, a fact that we quickly remedied with some drops of lemon.
To drink we had a long time favorite: Catena Alta Chardonnay. T's good friend has supplied them since the year 2005, but by now we have a bottle of 2008, while the few remaining 05 and 06 are stored away. The 2008 is a perfect companion to the turbot and we rate it as follows: Turbot 8/10, Catena Alta 8,5/10 and together 9/10

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