Saturday, 1 October 2011

Torvehallerne – the new market halls

Until recently grocery shopping in Copenhagen has been a tedious affair. One can find very good shops, but often far apart. And very often one has had to make do with unripe vegetables that have been kept at too low temperature and transported from far away countries whereas the local produce was missing. When traveling we have often envied the local markets in the Mediterranean towns. But hopes are up as the old produce market has been made into a market hall of great ambition. Lots of different shops; butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, local produce stalls and other specialty shops. The aim is set high and so are the prices, but it is inspiring to just wander around and smell and taste. And this is some of the things that K came home with after a saturday stroll. And a home made pesto-like sauce made of garlic, chili, walnuts and a handful of herbs from the terrace: basil, majoran, a few leaves of everything else thats is still green and tasty.

Funnel chantarelles (from Sweden) fried shortly in olive oil with tiny corn on the cob (Danish organic produce), garlic and fennel top and served with bread as a starter.

Two different kinds of sausages; a Toulouse sausage and Merguez prepared on a pan along slices of a small, firm eggplant. The eggplant took in the spicy fat from the merquez beautifully. On the side thinly sliced (the mandolin again) fennel with olive oil. Cucumber salad (yes – the mandolin) with fresh herbs, chili and apple vinegar. Broad beans with a little red onion and very good olive oil from our recent trip to spain. And good bread.
To drink: First Sportoletti Grechetto 2007 and later Cornet & Cie Collioure red 2009 – from our latest trip. This was excellent (we only bought one bottle as it was the white wine we were after, so now we have to find out where to purchase in Denmark)

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