Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Leftover but not left out

We ate almost all the osso buco but some sugo (gravy) and little pieces of veal were left in the pot. The perfect base for pasta al sugo. And as always with braised dishes, it tastes even better the following days: Not much work in that – cook the pasta, heat the sugo, sprinkle some parmesan and a few leaves of basil. Primo – Basta! It doesn't get much better. 8,5/10
A glass of Echeverria Chardonnay 2005 on the side completes the dish.
For secondo we make (whole) chicken breast on the bone with fried potatoes and insalata mista (green salad).
Rosemary and s/p is put under the chicken skin.
The chicken is browned in a pan and put in the oven at 170° for about 30 min with pieces of lemon.
Organic chicken tend to need longer time at lower temperature than the 'industrial' chicken.
They live longer, have better lives and taste better.

Potatoes cut in pieces of choice and cooked in a pan with a small dash of olive oil, herbs, s/p. 7,7/10

To this dish we drank a very nice Grant Burge Filsell old vine Shiraz 2000. 8/10.
Good, mature wine – lousy mix. 6,5/10

Sorry for the unsharp photos. Winter is approaching and daylight is rapidly vanishing. The blitz outshines all details and we're practicing steady hands but are not yet there – as you can see.

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