Monday, 9 January 2012

Thai Noodles

Thai food is often subject to take-away for us. That is of course a bit lazy, but sometimes it's getting late and sometimes we would like something more spicy than the kids can stomach. In the latter case it is well managed by ordering take-away so everyone gets what they desire. Normally that means sweet and sour chicken for the kids and a hot beef salad for the grownups. That is not was this post is about, but more like an explanation why it is sometimes OK to do take-away. And Thai take away can be quite good.
Today we set out for making it ourselves. This is a quick dish to make.

For 4 persons: (First put on a pot with water for egg noodles)

500 grams of chicken breast cut into thin slices.
100 grams of brussels sprouts
100 grams of mini corn
100 grams of sugar peas
200 gr mushrooms
1 de-seeded chilli, finely chopped (this is the mild version)
The chicken is fried at a high temperature. When done (or even, as we did, use two separate pans) heat oil and fry the onion, chili and garlic and the add the peas and corn. Mix the chicken in and add some chicken stock and maybe a little white wine. Finish with some sesame oil,  fish sauce and lemon (or lime). In the meantime the water should have reached boiling point and the egg noodles should be about ready.
Mix it all and serve.
We had an Australian Riesling, Knappstein Winery 2008. Both food and wine and matching turned out to our liking 7,5/10

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