Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Barack Obama

With very short notice we invite a few guests to brunch on the morning after election day in the US. All the polls suggest a very tight race, so we are expecting a tense morning.
The guests have been invited for 06:00, but we don’t really expect them that early. Nevertheless we set the alarm for 05:45. When T tries to stop the alarm on his phone the first thing he sees is a news flash stating that Obama has won. So much for the excitement.
In stead we settle for celebrating Obama’s victory.
Photo © FineFinurlighed

(Unfortunately we only posses the Obama 08-streamer, but we feel equally supportive in the ’12 election, – hope you will forgive us)

To celebrate we fry some organic bacon from Irma and make an omelet with spinach, goat's cheese and mushrooms. Quite simply, three eggs are beaten, add some cold water, and salt and pepper. This is put on a hot pan with a splash of good olive oil. Immediately after putting it on the pan slices of goat's cheese are placed on the omelet and after that a generous handful of baby spinach (which have been rinsed and tumbled) are placed on top. The effect is that of a lid and will make the goat’s cheese melt nicely into the eggs. Before wrapping the omelet a handful of fried mushrooms are added.
Finally pineapple, cantaloupe and oranges are cut in bite-size and arranged on a plate.
Our guests bring bread and croissants. Then we only need some cheese and of course it is one of our favorites, Tirstrup Ost Kraftfuldt lagret. A Danish cow’s milk cheese. Also a Tomme de Savoir finds it way to the table. All of it is accompanied by Kenya AA coffee, freshly grounded and made on a Bodum coffee press. Our favorite coffee.
Rather than experiencing tension we celebrate and are moved and happy to see Obama back to his old oratorical form.

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