Friday, 9 September 2011

The ferry

Today we start our vacation that will take us to various wine capitals of Europe. But first we have to drive a long way to get there. The first day we take the ferry between Denmark and Germany and even though this provides us with time for dinner we are apprehensive to the extent that T suggests that we stop for a drive-in burger instead.
K talks him to (a little more) reason and we get to the ferry. To our pleasant surprise there are only two other guests in the Steaks and Seafood restaurant and that leaves time for the good humored waiter to chat a bit with us and he recommends the veal medaillon. We accept his recommendation and have a glass of Brown Brothers Shiraz with it. Not because this strikes as the best wine to accompany the veal, but because of the wine lists 3 wines this seems the lesser evil.
The result is very positive. the veal is good and well prepared. Cooked to near perfection and nice and tender. The salad bar is reasonably fresh. The potatoes come in two varieties (french fries or the Danish specialty – potatoes baked in cream) and neither of them made within the last couple of hours. Three sauces are offered: a bernaise look-a-like, a brown thick gravy and one more .... probably whiskey sauce. we try the bearnaise, but quickly abandon this sauce as well. But never the less: The dinner at Prins Richard, sailing Rødby-Puttgarden, was actually satisfying ... and good. We had expected to give this meal a harsh review, but as it is we will just give the waiter and the veal a fully deserved 9/10

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